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Can you handle an UNSTOPPABLE FRENZY of "HOT" & ready prospects?

Who Else Wants To Generate...

Using the Easy-To-Use Scraper Pro Software!

Scraper Pro Revolutionizes
Conventional Lead Generation!!
There's absolutely nothing out there that comes close to our technology!  


If You Are Sick & Tired Of ...
Wondering where to get leads to contact?

If So, Then We Have
The Ultimate Solution For You

Never pay for advertising ever again!! Let Scraper Pro help you.  Can you imagine what that kind of advertising fire-power will do for your online business?  Simply type in a keyword or two and press START.  That's all there is to it.

It's really not any more complicated than that.  You will be up and running in minutes.

Scraper Pro will find a stampede of "highly responsive" targeted leads often known a "Reverse Marketing" leads that you can contact about your product or service, all you need to do is join Easy 1 Up, use our software, generate your leads and simply watch your commissions soar at a mind blowing pace!

With the sheer power of our software you can now and create an avalanche of leads that are primed to hear about what you've got via a single click of a button!! Generating hordes of leads just can't get any easier, this is lead generation at its very best!!

Scraper Pro Basic

Searches the major search engines.
Plus all bonuses for only a one time payment of $147
($100 commission to members)


Scraper Pro Gold

It searches the top and secondary search engines
as well as premium web sites.

Scraper Pro Gold also includes...

The ability to filter out keywords, filter out specific URLs like .gov, .edu, .mp3. 
You will also be able to search directories and scrape the physical address as well.


Scraper Pro Premium
*When getting Scraper Pro Premium, you are instantly marked paid
AND qualified at the Scraper Pro Basic & Gold  level.

Get everything the Gold version has including...

The amazing *replicated site scraper!
*Numerical sequence.  This function alone could be worth 10 times
the price of the software when you get this type of site to scrape
Also: The Pause Resume function for large searches
The Auto Save Function

Price $497
($350 to Member & Admin $147)

Easy 1 Up and Scraper Pro is not responsible for the actions of it's members using the software.  This software is VERY POWERFUL.  Members that use it are urged to act responsibly and to not harass people and to use email, fax and phone systems in an ethical, moral and responsible manner.  Scraper Pro does not hack sites.  It finds people that are in the niche or keyword that you are looking for than you can do manually.

- Scraper Pro Basic, Gold, Premium Requires -
If You do not Have .Net Framework 2.0 or above, Click here (FREE)


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