Investing 101

The Greatest Investments You Can Make Are Certainly Affordable!

In the words of Sir Thomas Browne an English theologian, physician and writer “charity begins at home”.   This statement from back in 1642 covers a host of areas within our lives as human beings that includes even the concept of investing.      I like to think of investing as a concept that starts with investing at home (yourself), and that involves more than just money, but does include money.

Let’s look at all we are given and/or have and note that you can only invest what you have into yourself first and as a whole the purpose of investments is all about the return.

Time –> 168 hours each week
Health –> If alive you have some level of health (ability to communicate, touch, see (this is different for many)
Possessions –> could be anything from clothing, phone, home, or even money etc.

Don’t think about what you have in terms of what others have, think of them as what you have to invest into the life you want.   For example many spend much of the 168 hours playing, partying and even doing non productive activity like TV, social network surfing, and such things.   The reason most people have little is they give little respect to the greatest asset they possess (time).   Some believe in the myth that time is money, and that statement alone kills the success of entrepreneurs globally.  Time is much more valuable than money.  You can run out of money and get more, but when you run out of time for example that’s it, nothing left, game over!

Seeing that our greatest possession is time, it is important that we should realize that the greatest investment we can give to the dreams, goals, and aspirations that we invest our time in proportion to the desired return.   Knowing how to work smart using different strategies and modules, you’ll be able to leverage time and put your self in position financially as well.

Kicking off your investment opportunities to first audit what you have, and then leverage your possessions strategically to invest all first into yourself is the start to a better future.   It amazes me how many people are out hunting for investors to start their business and yet they invest little of what they have into it.  Why should I invest more into your business, your life than you do?  Doesn’t make sense at all and will not to investors either.

To better leverage all of your possessions not just time, but health and all others it is important to develop yourself in each area.  Its not secret that when you eat, drink, and exercise you will have more to invest physically into the life you want.  This concept works the same with every single thing you have and therefore before diving into investing into the market, or businesses you should really invest into yourself.

You maybe wondering how right?


The answer is easy, it’s develop yourself in all areas of your life and business to grow your knowledge of how to grow the value and maintain the value in that area of your life.  Development is the key to prepare yourself for a life of investing into anything.  I personally will tell you that my life consist of attending conferences every year, reading books, and online learning opportunities and this has positioned me for success.   So many believe that luck has something to do with successful paths, but I am here to tell you it is not.

We all are given the same amount of time each week to live and invest ourselves, and you can turn around the crazy vortex that most are caught up in by managing your times, self and development better.

Soon I will be hosting another live event in New York, and even Florida and invite you out to learn more about this concept so that you can learn more about mastering a development flow that will change your life.

Invest into your mind, and your mind will fill your purse with gold – Ben Franklin